Blockchain trainer Thomas Kemmere offers explanation in clear English about Public blockchain technology, which is mostly Bitcoin technology.

I can visit you at your location for an interactive training, workshop or lecture. You will receive a Bitcoin introduction in your familiar environment. Please refer to for more information.

The content

The content of my trainings revolves around subjects like:

  1. Money and the monetary system
  2. Origin of Bitcoin
  3. How the Bitcoin blockchain functions
  4. Behaviours of Bitcoin
  5. Buying Bitcoin
  6. How to keep them safe
  7. Spending Bitcoin
  8. Regulation

I always reserve plenty of time for questions and interaction.

We will decide in accordance, how the few hours, the half day or the whole day will be set up and we can determine together on which parts I will emphasize.

Who is Thomas Kemmere

My name is Thomas Kemmere. I have a lot of affinity with technology. In 2013 I read about Bitcoin. Since that time I have been constantly immersing myself in this fascinating development. I also like to explain complex technology in a clear way, to people who do not have much tech affinity, but want to be informed. In addition, I also enjoy a deep dive with IT people who already know quite a bit about, for example, cryptography, security and Bitcoin.


Please feel free to ask me for a quote for a matching training, workshop or lecture. The price depends on a number of factors:

  • The number of participants;
  • The desired duration of the training, (Which can vary from an hour to a full day);
  • Special requests regarding the content / adjustments to the regular programme;
  • No, simple or elaborate hand-outs;
  • The travel distance.


Are you interested in a Bitcoin blockchain training? I would love to hear from you. Here’s how you can reach me: